Sunday, October 12, 2014

I am Peaceful Soul always but I forgot it. Now I awaken spirit with GOD's Divine Knowledge.

See here - Now I am experiencing my original Virtues -Purity, Peace, Power, Love, Sukh, Knowledge and Bliss.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tomorrow's Amritvela Thought:- I am Power of Bliss

Lets have only one thought in our Mind and that thought should be more powerful thought in this Universe.   " Think before you Think Thought" . Tomorrow's First Thought in Amritvela - "I am Power of Bliss"

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tomorrow's Amritvela Thought - I am Power of Purity

Lets have only one thought in our Mind and that thought should be more powerful thought in this Universe.   " Think before you Think " . Tomorrow's First Thought in Amritvela - "I am Power of Purity" 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Power of Remembrance is Power of the Soul.

Power of Love for GOD only is Power of Remembrance.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wish you Happy Happy Holi (Celebration of Complete Purity) & Good News for Meditation seekers.

Om Shanti Bright Holi Stars,

Very Very Good Afternoon.

Wish you Happy Happy Holi (Celebration of Complete Purity). Good News for all Internet users(souls), Now you can send following link to your friends & family to learn Meditation online. Dilaram Baba will guide the soul towards divinity.

This is an animated Image please wait for to play in your divine heart.

Please keep this as your desktop wallpaper or screen saver to remember Dilaram Baba & Power of Divinity.

*(Baba's Star)
"The real source of knowledge is in the soul, The brain cells do not create knowledge but serve as channel for its outer expression"

Dilaram Baba's Alaram Inside my Divine Heart.

BapDada, the lover of the heart, is hearing the songs of love from the hearts of the children in all four directions. BapDada is giving blessings in return for the love of the loving children, whether you are physically close, or close with your heart, even though you are physically far. May you always be fortunate. May you always be cheerful. May you always be healthy by eating the nourishment of happiness. May you always be full of the treasure of happiness. AM 07/11/1989
Dilaram Baba, the Comforter of Hearts, constantly has the children who give comfort to others merged in His heart. In Baba's heart, there is always the one thing of how each one of the children becomes a special soul, a master of the world, how each one claims a right to the fortune of the kingdom of the world. Each child should become more elevated than the next, fully decorated and full of all virtues and filled with power. Each one should become number one. The specialties of eah soul should become more attractive than the next so that all the world is able to see this and sing their praise. Each one should appear to be for everyone in the world, a lighthouse, a might-house and a sparkling star of the earth. The specialties and the treasures accumulated by every elevated thought and elevated action of every star should be so unlimited that the special world of every star is visible. When everyone sees this they will forget their sorrow, experience happiness and become cheerful. When they see each one's alokik world filled with all attainments, they sing songs of each one's wonder. This is what is in the heart of BapDada, the Comforter of Hearts. AM 18/11/1981

Those with an honest heart are seated on the heart-throne of Baba, the Comforter of Hearts and children who are seated on the heart-throne receive the throne of the Kingdom. AM 25/06/1977

Seeing the children's love, BapDada keeps giving attainment for many moments in return for one moment's love. AM 11/11/1989


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fresh Fresh Fresh Dilaram Baba's Sweet, Sweeter, Sweetest Om Kushi Divine Murli - Ever Happy Bhav , Ever Holy Swan Bhav ---> Hot, Hot Halwa: 22nd March 2013

Om Shanti Dilaram Baba Ki Dilthakt Nashin Atma(Bright Star),

Very Very Very Godly Good Morning,

Here Following link has Halwa, Please eat as much as you can through divine intellect & distribute as much as you can through your Divine smiling face (Ever Happy Bhav). This is an animation image, please wait for download and play for your colorful divine heart. Meanwhile play the Special Om Kushi Song.

Please click the following link to download.