Eternal Supreme Father

My Eternal Supreme Father made me realize my eternal sanskars and granted me Salvation on this Earth, Now I can fly and sit in my Sweet Silence Home in this confluence age and recharge myself with My Supreme Father's Ocean Of Purity. 

Thank you Dad for all your Ocean Of Knowledge.  

Shivababa is Merababa, Pyara Baba, Meeta Baba

Sarva Sresta Siromani Sreemath Bhagavat Gita Gyan Datha

 Mera Baba Agaya

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GOD's Knowledge & Power

Do you know what is the meaning of Image?
IMAGE :  “I am having age then I see my Image or else I don’t have Image & My Father also don’t have Image. My Father is Vichitr, Ever Pure & Eternal.”

Eternal Supreme Father